The need for special needs teachers in Delhi is abundant. The Times of India published a report in the year 2020, in June stating that the number of children with special needs in Delhi increased to 91.68%. The maximum numbers are from Delhi East followed by Delhi West. Among them, many performed incredibly well in the board exams where more than 100 scored above 90% and around 40 scored above 95%.

This picture is from 2020 so definitely, you can imagine that in 2022 the numbers are quite higher. Consequently, the demand for special educators in Delhi is pretty high in both public schools and private schools. Teaching special education in schools in Delhi is extremely prestigious because these schools have highly talented specially-abled students.

To become a special education teacher in Delhi, a teacher must have a certification in special education programs. If a teacher wants to cater to special children of some specific needs, she/he must have a specialized degree program in that particular special ability. For example, if someone wants to teach autistic kids, she/he must have certifications in autism courses.

Learn a bit more about the special education needs program:

Now the question comes of what a special educator does in a school. Well, the list of responsibilities is endless. From understanding the thought process of gifted children to evaluating students’ progress rate, a special educator takes care of every need of a child with special abilities. Special education students are of different kinds. Some of them are very good with interaction and cooperation while some are introverted and shy. This depends a lot on the gift they are having but a special needs teacher has the superpower to bring out the best from every specially-abled student.

These are the primary job responsibilities of a special educator:

  • Teaching students with gifts and implementing various strategies for academic and non-academic activities.
  • They observe students’ special requirements and make study plans according to their needs. Individualized education program (IEP) or individual education plan (IEP) is another major section where they work to provide extra support to gifted children who need it.
  • Conducting regular tests and checking the progress report of students to determine children's developmental levels, needs, or potential.
  • Special education teachers work hard and pay attention to the physical and psychological performance of the students
  • Facilitating indoor and outdoor activities for students who struggle with motor skills and encouraging unique modes of learning to endure active participation.
  • Meeting parents and general education teachers to discuss the performance of students and taking appropriate steps to make gifted students ready for inclusive classrooms.
  • Monitoring the hygiene of students and cleanliness of surroundings

The Delhi Government is highly serious with respect to the education department. There are several policies that the Delhi government has brought to enhance the quality of education. During the pandemic, schools and other academic institutions were closed in Delhi for a long time and the academic affair literally faced a blow during that phase. Therefore, the government has taken some major steps to endure no loss in education during the Covid if it strikes again.

New guidelines have been specially created for children with special needs and special e-content for gifted children is also being taken into account. Thus, you must already understand how much importance the Delhi government pays to specially-abled children. Therefore, if you’re planning to become a special educator in any school in Delhi, you should fulfill all the required criteria.

  • First thing first, having a degree in special education programs is mandatory.
  • For this, you must have 10+2 qualifications and thus you’ll be eligible for a certificate or a diploma in special education.
  • You’ll get a better rank as a special educator if you have psychology in graduation.
  • Besides, if you have a graduation certificate in any subject you’ll be eligible to have a PG diploma in special education.

You should also make a note of this:

  • Special Educators from Early class till class 12th - over here, special educators work with children and adolescents who have a range of special talents. Students in elementary, middle, and secondary school are taught by special education teachers at this level. They work with kids whose range of gifts has a moderate to a high level of intensity.
  • Special Educators for High Incidence different abilities - These teachers are responsible for working with students who face problems with speech-language, behavioral patterns, and learning disabilities.
  • Special Educators for Low Incidence different abilities - These teachers work with children and students who have special needs, such as physical or cognitive. They focus on reading and practical abilities for everyday living.
  • Special Educators for different Emotional or Behavioral patterns - They work with children and students who have a variety of symptoms, such as anxiety disorders, conduct disorders, depression, ADHD, and so on.
  • Special Educators for Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) - These educators work with children and students who are autistic. It also includes issues such as communication impairments, inability to relate to others, and social settings, among other things.
  • Special Educator in College or University - These educators work with students who have special needs beyond the school education.

It is absolutely on you what segment of special needs you want to cater to. You can become a special needs educator after you’ve successfully completed your 10+2 examinations. In that case, you have to check on the website what percentage of marks you must secure to apply for the diploma certification in special education. Some diploma certifications allow direct admission based on marks while some programs demand a separate entrance exam.

There are many schools in Delhi where special educators are required to have a Masters's degree or equivalent in special education programs. In order to have a PG diploma in a special education program, candidates must have a graduation certificate in any course. However, some schools prefer candidates having psychology or related subject at the graduation level.

It solely depends upon teachers how they want to pursue special education programs. They can go for either in-class sessions or online classes. They are plenty of online courses available and they have skilled and professional tutors who guide learners with the best study materials so that they can become excellent special education teachers in the future.

You should, therefore, keep in mind all these points to become a special education teacher. There are tons of responsibilities of a special educator and one must be efficient enough to cope with that workload. Students will special abilities need special care and support and the Delhi government has ensured that every special child in Delhi’s schools should get the best facilities.

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Written By : Sudeshna Guha Thakurta