Many times, we have seen that a candidate seems to be the perfect fit for a position, but silly mistakes in job applications can cost him/her extremely. Most of the applicants are not aware that they commit these important yet neglected errors while others just seem carefree or indifferent.

The demand for skilled and certified ESL teachers is high across the globe. However, the level of qualifications and amount of experience you’ll requireis also different depending on where you go. So, let us go through the major mistakes that people commit while applying for a teaching English job overseas.

Common English Mistakes to Avoid In An ESL Job Application

Make sure you avoid these following common mistakes while applying for TEFL jobs! 

1. Inappropriate Cover Letter

99% chance a hiring manager won’t even look at your application if you’ve not submitted a cover letter with your CV. Competition is thrilling, so you need to make sure that your application stands out! List your work experience (if you have any) along with qualifications. The cover letter is an opportunity to sell yourself. Try to list all of your attractive personality qualities in your cover letter.

2. Not Preparing Enough for Demo Lesson

Being unprepared for the interview or demo lesson is another major mistake that people frequently do while applying for an ESL job. It is one of the most significant parts of the hiring procedure.

The demo lesson is basically apractical demonstration of your online teaching skills in a mock setting. This is truly your chance to influence the interviewer and show them why they should hire you. Review the information about the interview and demo lesson that the company has asked you and follow the instructions very cautiously. Include ESL props in the lesson. Do your research, and present yourself professionally.

3. Not Meeting the Visa Requirements

Another mistake that happens usually is applying for a job in a country where you don’t meet the visa requirements. Do your prior research visa requirements as there’s no negotiating. While some countries need teachers to have a degree, others need you to hold a passport from an English-speaking country, and several will ask for a clean criminal background check. While doing that, stay away from scammersand dodgy recruiters.

4. Unpleasant CV/Resume

Submitting a generic resume that has typos is yet another common mistake. It is essential to specifically tailor the job for which you’re applying. Use a free graphic design tool and create a polished and easy-to-read resume. Highlight your TEFL/TESOL certifications. Before sharing proof read your resume for grammatical mistakes or typos.

5. Using A Bizarre Email Handle

Some examples are -,, or These types of email handles are something that can be left open to the interpretation that you might be weird, silly or just not smart enough to know what is and isn’t professional is going to work against you. So, open an email account with a handle that is simply your name and keep it as professional as you can!

The Bottom Line

If you evidently don’t meet the criteria set out by an employer, don’t waste your time applying. Earn your TEFL certification with an online TEFL course. Also, try to use a photo that conveys you are friendly, approachable and professional. Therefore, get fully qualified, do your research, and present yourself as professionally as possible to make the most of your chances of getting hired by top ESL companies.

Written By : Ruchi Mehta