Train the Trainer (L & D) 4 day Workshop in Delhi

Asian College of Teachers has developed a professional 4 day in-class L&D workshop for Corporate or Soft skill Trainers, HR professionals, Training Managers etc. with the aim and objective to impart the best techniques and modern innovative approaches to meet the needs of the aspiring and working trainers.

About the Course

The 4 day L&D workshop perfectly blends the theory and practical knowledge of corporate training, focusing on the correct approaches and procedures of a proper and efficient training. The workshop comprises of thorough and in-depth discussion on learning and development with tasks and activities for the participants which are more based on research and development.The workshop is meant for both new and experienced trainers but is considered to be best for those who are working as trainers and have acquired some amount of experience in the relevant field. The workshop familiarisesthe aspirant withorganisedmethodologiesand effective approaches to designingdelivering of training. The main goal of the workshop is to encourageself-assessment and thorough research before delivering any training session.The workshop is conducted in cities like Kolkata, Bangalore, Mumbai and Bangkok (Thailand). ACT is also planning an L&D workshop in any city provided that there are minimum 8 participants.

Our workshop follows the ADDIE model comprising of Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation and Evaluation along with five expanded modules. The workshop will enable the candidates to get acquainted with the correct techniques and skills required and will be an expert in the following:-

  • Able to clarify the process of training
  • Verify the need for training and to illustrate the objectives of effective learning
  • Design student oriented learning materials and exercises
  • Apply adult learning concepts, develop supportive environment and customize on-the-shelf materials
  • Effective use of training activities and lecture alternatives, outlining different learning needs and related effective questioning techniques
  • Proper preparation for a training session and to foster learning
  • To manage and support participants of varied backgrounds with diverse learning approaches
  • To speak to challenging candidates and behaviours
  • Using audio-visuals to present and assist a session
  • Estimate a program impact at various level by using variety of means
  • To identify the five levels of estimation

Key Information

Eligibility and Course Fee

  • New and experienced trainers and teachers can apply for the program
  • Business Executives and Team Managers are also eligible
  • Also apt for Corporate trainers, soft skills trainers and also cross cultural trainers
  • The program costs INR 25,000 with 18% GST as applicable



  • 2th March - 5th March
  • 8th June - 11th June
  • 31st August - 3rd September
  • 14th December - 17th December


  • 13th April - 16th April
  • 6th July - 9th July
  • 26th October - 29th October


  • 11th May - 14th May
  • 17th August - 20th August
  • 23rd November - 26th November


  • 30th March - 2nd April
  • 29th June - 2nd July
  • 9th November - 12th November


  • 14th December - 17th December

Training modes

  • The workshop is conducted in 4 days in class mode


Day Morning session 1 Session 2 Session 3 Evening session 4
1 Introduction & Objective Intro to the training design model and process Training Need Analysis - Analysing the training needs is a vital prerequisite for any effective training program Reviewing resources Research learning theories Planning resources to support the Learners A proper training design and delivery framework charts the road to progress Learning Objectives and Assessments
2 Recap Select methods and media Developing resources to support delivery Developing feedback methods Developing resources to promote the design Quality assurance in design and development Introduction to delivery - Training Vs Presenting Balancing trainer activity
3 Recap with - Alpha Card Game Training Session Structure (Template) Training Session Structure explaining(cont.) Training Delivery (Session 1) Tools and Menus Training Delivery (Session 2) Tools and Menus
4 Training delivery style and question technique Supporting Performance and measuring results Return to Investment of training initiatives Feedback Reflective Summary Certification

Admission and Support Services

  • ACT's admission process is quite user friendly
  • Option to opt for online payment methods
  • Any form of payment can be availed (by using debit/credit card or by depositing cash, cheque or DD in ACT's bank account)
  • Our Admission Department will contact you via mail or over phone

Job prospects

In this modern digital era, training and development is considered a vital branch of corporate development setting. As per Mark Twain, "There is nothing training cannot do.” Hence, all the top corporate houses are moving towards effective training sessions at a steady pace and dedicating their time, energy and money on such training as they are looking for an expert workforce that is skilled and proficient in order to ensure better output and developthe employee's confidence in the process. This 4 Day workshop is apt to enhance your knowledge on the various ways of training delivery and will prepare you to conduct training for various types of working individuals and organisations as well. Hence the workshop is deemed fit for Corporate Trainers, Voice and Accent Trainers, Soft Skill trainers, HR Trainers, and professional Coach/Mentor. The program also prepares candidates to work as Team Managers and Business Communication Executives as well.

Accreditation and Certification

  • On successful completion, candidates will receive a globally recognised certificate from Asian College of Teachers (ACT)
  • Additional certificate from Training Qualifications, UK (TQUK) can be availed at an extra cost

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